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Early Fire Detection+ Zero false alarms=TITANUS® AIR SAMPLING SMOKE DETECTORS

Seconds count in many aspects of life but especially when talking about fire. The speed at which a fire can be detected and reported is a game changer; the faster a system can detect and respond to a fire is the difference between saving the structure and a possible total loss. Why not start designing your system around the fastest fire and smoke detection available, WAGNER’S TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors.

Studies by Internationally recognized organizations reveal that approximately 68 % of fires develop from protracted smoldering fires. Optical smoke detectors and heat detectors have a critical drawback in this situation: these detectors only function when extreme concentrations of smoke or high temperatures are within the area they are installed. The time this takes is usually to slow to stop significant proliferation and propagation of the fire within the structure.

WAGNER’S TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors offer early smoke detection within the incipient stage of the fire. Titanus® also emits a series of alarms. Acute sensitivity in concert with continuous air sampling and a graded response alarm ensure early detection of fire including smoldering and incipient fires allow users the appropriate amount of time to react properly.

A crucial head start when it counts


Functional principle


WAGNER uses optical air sampling smoke detectors with HPLS technology for early fire detection. The structure of our air sampling smoke detection systems is based on a pipe system with air sampling points and a base unit with a detector module. For project configuration purposes, each of the air sampling points correspond to one point-type smoke detector.

  • Head Start
  • False Alarm proof
  • Robust and reliable
  • Temperature resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Modular
  • Aesthetically appealing

TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors.

Reliable fire detection with superior resistance to false alarms even in the harshest environments.

TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors offer the earliest detection available on the market, making them best-in-class for protection against fire and resulting damages. TITANUS®, proven technology for damage control, has led to WAGNER becoming a worldwide leader in fire detection. For decades, it has been the efficient, proactive measure to react purposely in emergency situations.


Gain Time – Save Lives
Act before the flames have an impact: TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors make it possible to detect fires even when their earliest stage of development. The extra response time not only minimizes direct and consequential damage caused by fire but guarantees little to no interruption to the operating process.



The TITANUS® operating principle

TITANUS® is based on active monitoring: The air sampling smoke detectors actively sample the air in the protected area through a simplified system of pipes. Identifying less than 0.1 oz of pyrolyzed material is all it takes. This makes TITANUS® up to 2,000 times more sensitive than conventional, spot-type detectors and ASD offered by other brands. When planning an air sampling smoke detection system, one sampling point is equivalent to one spot-type detector. The detection unit for service and maintenance can be installed outside public areas and makes it accessible to authorized personnel only.
The unique and intelligent LOGIC.SENS signal processing unit reliably avoids false alarms. In the event of a fire, the operator saves precious time for fast reaction, avoiding the cost of downtime created by false alarms scenarios which can triggered by factors such as dust accumulation.



For decades, and thanks to their outstanding reliability, sensitivity and resistance to false alarms, TITANUS® air sampling smoke detection systems have been the trusted system of choice in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Warehousing and logistics facilities

  • Deep freeze storages

  • IT and telecommunications

  • Archives and libraries

  • Industrial and recycling systems

  • Wind energy systems and transformer stations

  • Power plants and high-voltage systems

  • Server and control panels

  • Hotel rooms and hospitals

  • Historic and modern architecture

  • Ships and yachts


Designed for even the harshest environments

TITANUS® devices guarantee the earliest fire detection even in most challenging ambient conditions. Even in high rooms, conditions including temperature extremes, humidity or unusually strong air conditioning flow will not impair the operational ability of TITANUS® technology. With our high-sensitivity detection technology, rooms up to 32,200 sq. ft., with equipment in hard to reach areas, can be monitored with just one detection module. A second detector module can be used to create a cross-zoning to trigger an automatic extinguishing system, or to monitor a second area separately.



TITANUS® The Earliest fire detection When Seconds Count!!

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