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X-Tinguish® X-TREME  Fire Suppression Tool with custom storage case included!

X-Tinguish® X-TREME Fire Suppression Tool with custom storage case included!

SKU: XT3100

{Alaska and Hawaii customers must call for shipping prices.}


Seconds count when a fire breaks out. Early use of the X-TINGUISH X-TREME will knockdown the flames, greatly reduce the temperature (by as much as 1,000°F in <60 seconds), reduce the need for water by as much as 80% and stop the fires propagation. The X-Tinguish® X-TREME is designed for mobile total flooding fire suppression applications on land and sea.


The X-TINGUISH® X-TREME allows its user the ability to mitigate the danger posed by flash-over and back-draft to firefighters and first responders. While no device can prevent or totally suppress the harmful effects of a fire, the X-TINGUISH® X-TREME is a unique way to combat fires and represents a giant advance in fire-suppression technology from water or other chemical-based methods.


The X-TINGUISH® X-TREME is a small, portable unit that contains potassium based chemical components. It is designed to be a first-use method to combat class A, B, C, and K fires. When the device is deployed at the scene of a fire, the X-TINGUISH® X-TREME releases a cloud of aerosol containing the potassium components, interrupting the chain reaction in the flame.When utilized and deployed according to the instructions in the Operation Manual, the X-TREME provides an extremely effective method of fire suppression.

The X-Tinguish® X-TREME offers extraordinary knock down as well as fast suppression capabilities

  • Reduces temperatures by as much as 1,000°F in <60 seconds
  • Can cut water usage by as much as 80%, when used properly
  • Is environmentally friendly (ODP 0%, GWP 0%)
  • Does not reduce or deplete (O²) oxygen
  • Can eliminate flashover and backdraftIs
  • Is Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive and Non-Conductive
  • Highly Efficient and Suitable against A-B-C-K class fires
  • IS NOT pressurized!
  • Has 10 year battery life and a 15 year shelf life (The aerosol compound)
  • Includes a new “R-pin” (retention pin) that protects the igniter pin from being accidentally removed
  • Has an LED light that turns red when the unit is activated!
  • Protects a enclosed space up to 5,300Cu.Ft.*

*depending on how enclosed the space is.

  • Specifications


    Total weight                 13.00Lbs. / 6,400 gr.  

    Compound weight       6.40 Lbs. / 2,900 gr.  

    Volume coverage        ≤ 5,300cu.ft. / 150 m³  

    Discharge time             33 seconds  

    Activation method        Manual. electronic ignition  

    Dimensions                   12.14" x 9.14" x 4.5"

    Operational to              -67°F / -55°C below zero

  • Fire Classes

    The X-Tinguish® X-TREME is effective against Class A, B, C and K fires.

  • Warranty

    The X-Tinguish® X-TREME has a 2 year limited warranty. 


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