UL listed FHS series Horn/Strobe, FS series Strobe and FH340 Horns are designed to provide audible and visual signals for fire alarm protection systems.


The series are operatable with either 12V or 24V system panels having an output voltage of either DC or FWR (full wave rectified) between 8V and 33V. If required, SDM-240 may be used in order to provide synchronization for regulated 24 strobe (INDOOR).


The FHS series combines a selective 3 horn tone and 1 chime sound with a strobe. The horn provides a continuous tone, temporal pattern (code 3) tone or March time sound when constant voltage is applied.


Each sound has three dBA levels (High, Mid, Low)

to choose from by DIP Switch.


The strobe has various output depending on regulated voltage. 12V clear strobe can be selected from 15cd, 35cd or 60cd (75cd on axis), 75cd, 95cd or 110cd and 24V.


FHS series audible / visual signals can be connected either independently or in unison. The horn can be silenced while the strobe remains flashing.

Fire suppression control units and accessories



The FHS-340R-WP Horn/Strobe provides a wide range of candela light output options in a single device.


The candela settings include a 12 or 24 volt DC operation for the 15, 35 and 60 (75 on axis) candela settings and 24 volt DC operation for the 15, 35, 60, 75, 95 and 110 candela settings.


The candela setting is displayed through the front window and is selectable using a drum wheel.


  • UL and C-UL listed

  • 12 VDC with 15, 35 or 60 cd settings

  • 24 VDC with 15, 35, 60, 75, 95 or 110 cd settings

  • Outdoor and indoor

  • 6 distinctive candela settings

  • Candela selection view window

  • 15/75 ADA compliant on 60cd setting

  • 33 sound output settings

  • Horn or chime sound output

  • Pre-wire back plate

  • Universal back plate mounting (single gang, double gang, octagon, or 4” square)

  • Single screw mounting

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