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OxyReduct® PSA

Continuous fire safety through effective fire prevention

Large volume enclosures require special fire protection installations. OxyReduct® PSA systems are well suited for this purpose. They provide active fire prevention in all types large-volume enclosures in a host of different industries. The Pressure Swing Adsorption method or (PSA) generates nitrogen(N₂) using activated carbon.

  • PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption)

  • Adsorption process using Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS)

  • Working pressure: around 6-8 bar (overpressure)

How does Nitrogen generation (N2) work?

Ambient air is pressurized by a compressor and pushed through two CMS containers (Carbon Molecular Sieves). The CMS containers free the Nitrogen(N₂) and Oxygen (O₂) molecules from each other. Each CMS contains activated carbon. The activated carbon binds the Oxygen (O₂) molecules after separation and then discharges them as exhaust. The separated Nitrogen (N₂) is captured and distributed back into the protected enclosure where the concentration and pressure normalize to create a fire preventive atmosphere.

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